Sokalan® HP 56 K does not inhibit the whitening effect of Tinopal® CBS-X. The whiteness achieved with and without dye transfer inhibitor is similar. 20 Test method: The test was performed at 40°C in the Launder-O-Meter with powder detergent containing 5 g/L ECE 98 zeolite.


Sokalan® HP 20 – BASF Sokalan ® HP 20 Available as 80% Liquid. Multifunctional polymer, Boosts the detergency of LAS.

Find the latest information on Products, Formulations and even complete Concepts. Description. Sokalan® HP50 polymer is 95% active Polyvinylpyrrolidone, containing approximately 360 monomer units. Because of the permanent dipole structure, Sokalan HP50 polymer will complex polarizable and acidic compounds, including hydrogen peroxide.It finds use in detergents as an anti-redeposition agent (especially on carbonaceous soil) and as an anti-dye transfer agent, where it Sustainable Development Bringing sustainability up to speed. To make it fast and easy for you to see which of our products contribute the most to sustainability, we have divided our portfolio into groups. Search ingredients, services & formulations, get quotes & samples, market your products, gain market insights.

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GlucoponTYPES c. Lutensol TO TYPES d. LABS e. Texapon N 70.

The innovative polymer Sokalan ® HP 20 offers a broad range of benefits for liquid laundry detergents at low washing temperatures: Excellent stain removal of bleachable and clay stains Surfactant boosting and cleaning advantages Anti-redeposition performance or anti-graying Easy formulation and

Sokalan CP 13 S Sokalan HP 22 G 11 juli 2018 — Tvättemperaturen kan till och med sänkas till 20 °C utan att Sokalan®HP 20 ger möjlighet att minska mängden anjoniska tensider betydligt. Metso Pentabead 20. Univar AB. 6834-92- Sida 20.

Sokalan 25 CL b. Sokalan CP 5 Powder c. Sokalan HP 66K Surfactant a. AOS Powder b. GlucoponTYPES c. Lutensol TO TYPES d. LABS e. Texapon N 70. PT WIKA INTINUSA NIAGATAMA. Kawasan Industri Delta Silicone II Jl. Kapuk Blok F-20 No. 10 Lippo Cikarang Bekasi 17550. 021-2957-7687. NAVIGATION About Us /

Sokalan hp 20

For test runs at 15 °C the heating elements of the washing machine have to be disconnected to d example: sokalan HP 25 (BASF). IDEOLOGI OCH KRITIK (7,5 hp), AVANCERAD NIVÅ HÖSTTERMINEN 2014 Rekomenderad inkopplingstid för motorvärmare °C -20°C -10°C -5°C 0°C  The World Is Flat 3.0: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century · The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. Download now. Jump to Page. You are on  20% partikelstorlek> 800 μm - max. 0,8%. Genapol PF 80P (pulver) Sokalan HP 56 är en högeffektiv hämmare för färgtransport (i flytande och granulär form)  20% partikelstorlek> 800 μm - max.

Multifunctional polymer, Boosts the detergency of LAS. Reduces clay re-deposition. Improves detergency on oxidizable stains.
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021-2957-7687. NAVIGATION About Us / Sokalan® HP 22G is commonly used as a polymeric detergent additive used to prevent soil redeposition in laundry and auto-dish detergents. Sokalan® HP 22G is especially effective in low-phosphate and phosphate-free detergents and can also help to improve soil … The 4X HE Cold water unit dose Laundry Detergent highlights Sokalan HP 20, a unique polymer, designed for liquid detergents which enhances cold water cleaning.

Follow our easy steps to have your Sokalan Hp 20 prepared rapidly: Pick the web sample in the library. High performance in surfactant optimized solutions; Enables low temperature washing; Enhances removal of bleachable stains; Supports sustainable convenience claims such as “compaction”, “energy-saving”, “easy-to-use” Unique and universal multi-benefit polymer for liquid laundry Product information Sokalan® HP 20 – BASF Sokalan ® HP 20 Producto disponible en líquido al 80% Polímero multifuncional. Aumenta la detergencia de sulfonato de alquilbenceno lineal.
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Metso Pentabead 20. Univar AB. 6834-92- Sida 20. Snowflowers 36. Givaudan​/ Parfusale. Soft Blossom 23260. HGH Fragrance Sokalan HP 25. BASF/BTC 

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